Jenkins still taunting Morrisey about Bannon endorsement

HUNTINGTON, WV (NEWS RELEASE) — In a direct insult to President Trump and his family, Patrick Morrisey is continuing to promote Steve Bannon’s endorsement on his campaign’s website.

This news comes on the heels of Morrisey’s pointed refusal to cut ties with Bannon (or even criticize him by name) – as even some of his closest allies have done.

Rep. Evan Jenkins issued the following comments today in response:

“The White House has quite justifiably made clear that those who stand by Steve Bannon, after he attacked the president’s family, are enabling the president’s enemies. Patrick Morrisey should immediately stop promoting Steve Bannon’s endorsement – and once and for all disavow his biggest supporter.

“It’s well past time for Morrisey to choose sides: President Donald Trump and his family, or a man who viciously attacks them and Trump’s presidency as revenge for his own firing.”

Photo Courtesy: West Virginia Record

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