James Muncy talks plans for McDowell County Sheriff’s Department

WELCH, WV (WOAY) – McDowell County is due for a new Sheriff soon.

Early this year, chief deputy James “Boomer” Muncy filed to run for McDowell County Sheriff. Muncy was running as a Democrat and significantly defeated his opponent republican Kenneth Hicks with a vote count of 4,526 versus 1,613. He says he wanted to run for office because he can bring a lot to the county. 

“I felt that I could bring something to the county and move the county forward. I’ve been back here for a little over 12 years now. I think I’ve done a lot for the sheriff’s office and I want to continue doing that,” Muncy said.

Muncy is originally from War, but he has seen his fair share of law enforcement in other areas of the country as well. He’s hoping that experience will translate well into the office of Sheriff. 

“I came out of the military and I started at a little town called War where I grew up. Then I went to Washington D.C., became a Capitol police officer, was there for about 8 years, then came back here to start my family.”

Muncy says that he has some things on his to-do list when he takes office next year. He wants to hire four more deputies and increase road patrols in areas further out into the county.  

Muncy is expected to take office on January 1, 2021.

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