It’s Time To Put A Stop To Suicide Among Veterans

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY)- It is estimated that 22 veterans a day, that’s one every 65 minutes, dies by suicide each year. Beckley Veterans Affairs Medical Center is doing its part to prevent suicide among our veterans.


“I think that it’s important that the whole community is engaged and helping end veterans suicide. The Department of Veterans Affairs can not do this alone,” said Stacy Vasquez, Director of Beckley VA Medical Center.


The Beckley Veterans Affair Medical Center hosted a training to help veterans, the faith community and others understand the importance of suicide prevention.


Timothy Redden, a veteran, shared the importance of the training for him and how it will make a difference.


“I learned that there is help out there. The veterans and their families have help out there and they need to reach out for that help if they know someone experiencing suicide thoughts,” said Redden.


If you know anyone who is struggling or may have suicidal thoughts, the Beckley Veterans Affairs Medical Center is here to assist and make a positive difference in the lives of our veterans.


“If you feel like you may commit suicide, go to the emergency room and tell them how your feeling so that we can get you some immediate help,” said Vasquez.

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