It's so simple, but it represents so much. Learn how the Flying WV came to be

MORGANTOWN, WV (WVU MAGAZINE) – Former football coach Don Nehlen’s son scrawled it on construction paper with crayon?

No, that’s not right.

Well, then, it actually originated when one of the ball boys saw clouds in the sky forming a W and V together during a scrimmage?

Wait. That’s not it, either.

How many tall tales and legends have you heard about the origins of the Flying WV, one of the most recognized university and sports logos in the world?

What’s the true story?

Everyone involved—from the coach, an artist, an equipment manager, and a sports information director—has a different variation of the story.

But don’t worry. Through hardnosed, investigative (ahem) journalism, the real story will be pieced together right here.

The truth shall set you free, like a Mountaineer.

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