It’s National Eyewear Day: think of your eye health

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Eyes are the windows to the soul.

On this National Eyewear Day and every day, keep them that way by living healthy and scheduling yearly exams with your eye doctor.

“They’re definitely the window to the rest of the body,” said Southern Eye Care Associates Dr. Ashley Mcguffin, O.D. Even if you don’t wear glasses, it’s good to have a yearly checkup because we can find things like high blood pressure issues, diabetic issues, many other things that are going on in the body can show up in the eye.”

The doctor says dry eye is a big issue nowadays that we’re all on digital devices so much of the time. But there is help.

“There are many different types of over-the-counter eyedrops, artificial tears,” McGuffin said. “There are so many different brands that can be overwhelming; that’s something to keep up on as well.”

According to the doc, there’s so much about the medical aspect of optometry but also the commercial.

There’s the importance of bringing awareness to eye health, and having a nice pair of glasses or contacts is the icing on the cake.

While glasses date back to the 13th century, they’ve come a long way.

“That fits your face, fits your style, that you’re going to want to wear when you want to go out and look your best,” said McGuffin. “So you definitely want to have some help when you pick out your glasses to know what’s gonna look best on you, and what you like.”

Depending on your taste, you’ll find something for everyone at Southern Eye Care Associates — including various designer brands.

“Like Nike, Kate Spade, different things that are, you know, ‘hey, I love this brand, I like to wear it with my clothes, I may want to wear the glasses as well,'” McGuffin said. “So there are different options.”

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