It’s Almost Time To Trick Or Treat But Check Your Candy Before You Eat

OAK HILL, WV – Halloween is a couple of days away, Children are excited and ready to trick or treat but before they do there are some safety tips everyone should do.


Halloween is a fun time of year for everyone from the parents who get to help their children pick their children costumes, the Children that are excited about what character they choose to be and getting all of that halloween candy. Now with all the excitement going on around this time of year there are some important things to ensure while our trick or treaters are having fun and that is their safety.

“First of all be aware if you’re driving a car in the neighborhoods and stuff slow down don’t be in no hurry and watch for all the ghost and goblans running around.” Said Sheriff Mike Fridley

Some important Halloween tips are that every child should be accompanied by a responsible adult, to trick or treat in a familiar area and instruct your child not to enter into a strangers home and one majorly important is to not let them eat any treats until their candy has been checked.

“When you get home tell them not to open up any of their candy, go through it with them and check each and every piece and make sure there is nothing in their candy and it hasn’t been tampered with.” Said Sheriff Fridley

“After they finish up their trick or treating for the evening i always go through their candy with them throw anything with loose wrappers, we also try in stay in an area where we feel comfortable and know the people that were getting candy from.” Said Susan Richardson

We all want everyone to enjoy Halloween time and to be safe while their doing it.

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