Investigators Searching For Suspects In Oak Hill Homicide

This year’s Easter Sunday began with a tragedy in a neighborhood in Oak Hill.

Janet Garrett, who was living on Berry Street, was killed after two men with a gun and knife forced their way into her home and shot her in the chest.

Janet’s brother said, “When my mom called me at 6 in the morning, crying, saying that my sister had been murdered, I didn’t know how to feel about that at first. I went to her house, came over here, police told me what happened, they wouldn’t let me down here, I went to my mom’s and sat with my mom and tried to console her. She’s pretty shook up over this whole thing. I mean, my sister never hurt a fly. She was never mean to anybody. Not a bad word to nobody.”

And Bubbie Smith, a neighbor told us, “It was really a shock when they come at 1:30 in the morning and told me that Janet had been shot and was killed cause she’s never been mean to nobody. She’s always been very kind and generous to everybody here. I mean the whole neighborhood likes her.”

Fayette County Sheriff Detectives have been working all day and all night, talking to neighbors and friends to find more information. Janet’s autopsy was conducted on Monday morning and confirmed this was a homicide – a murder.

“Right now, all we know is by witnesses at the residence and by surveillance cameras. There are two individuals that go into the trailer and people exit the trailer, the same amount-two. There is a vehicle involved, but the camera footage is very poor, and we’re trying to enhance the video and get it out to the people and to the media and social media to see if anyone knows what vehicle this is,” Sheriff Mike Fridley said.

And luckily, the neighbor’s cameras, caught the whole thing. Police are using these different camera angels for the investigation and are hoping that they could piece together exactly what happened.

Authorities continue working hard to try and find a motive in this case, and bring justice to Janet’s family.

“And I hope this community wakes up and sees the problems that’s going on in this neighborhood and what we face every day, and it’s not just here, it’s everywhere. And you really don’t feel it until it hits you.’s pretty bad right now,” Mark Ball expressed.

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