Investigation Continues in Clear Fork Rd Shooting

One day later and the questions continue about the tragic incident that occurred on Monday afternoon, on Clear Fork Rd in Raleigh County, where two men were confirmed dead.

What we do know is that after reports of gunfire, the West Virginia State Police rushed to the scene, and found 77-year-old Billy Joe Collins shot and killed. A neighbor told police she watched the shooter flee in Mr. Collins’ car and recklessly drive into the parking lot of the church just down the street.
When troopers entered the church, they found 29-year-old David Young to be deceased from a self-inflicted gun shot.

But why did Mr. Young target this area?

Sergeant M. S. Horne doesn’t have an answer for that either, “That’s another strange twist to this whole story. Mr. Young had no ties to this community. Seems like it might be random that he just showed up in this area.”

However, police then learned that this suspect in the shooting had been involved in three car-jacking incidents throughout Raleigh County that same day.

“Earlier, the vehicle that he came down here in, the black Chevy Silverado, it was from a wreck in Beckley. He left that one at the convenient store and employees say that every time someone would show up at the store, he would run out to see if they still had their keys in them. After he attempted to steal the coal truck, he ran up into the woods. We later discovered that in the wood line he found a vehicle that had its keys still in it at the foot of the hill and stole that. That’s what he wrecked at the foot of Mr. Collins’ house,” said Sergeant Horne.

We will continue updating you online and on air as the investigation continues.

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