Influenza Hits Fayette County Schools Hard

Fayette County Schools have been hit hard with influenza. Several students have been out sick with the flu and it is continuing to spread throughout the county. WOAY visited Rosedale Elementary school in Oak Hill and talked to a couple of parents who say they are concerned about their child. “They should close the schools down until all of the kids are getting better and the teachers are all so sick.” said, Nancy Dougan. Another parent, David Dail, stated, “I think they ought of shut them all down here in Fayette County anyways and sanitize them and let the kids go back to school once their all sanitized. One school has even shut down because it. Saint Peter and Paul Catholic School in Fayette County had several students out sick and decided to close the school until Monday.

A registered Nurse at Fayette County Health Department, Beth Frantz, has been keeping in contact with the schools in Fayette County. She told WOAY over the phone her thoughts on the flu for this year. “At this time we all know that the flu is here, is it an outbreak? No, I don’t think with the numbers I’m hearing.”  Frantz recommends to stay at home if you are sick and that it is not too late to get the flu shot if you haven’t already.

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