Independent candidates hold meet-and-greet in Princeton

PRINCETON, WV (WOAY) – Two independent candidates hold a meet-and-greet in Princeton. 

Ronnie Oakley and S. Marshall Wilson are two independent candidates. One running for local office, the other running for governor of West Virginia. They met up this weekend to hold a meet-and-greet to hear from potential voters.

Oakley set up the event in Princeton and says he wants to hear from as many people as he can. 

“I’ve been out through the whole county for a while now meeting everybody. I’m hoping that some more people come out here and ask me questions. I want to be a voice for the people of Mercer County so they have a louder voice in the county and the government,” Oakley said. 

Oakley is running against Republican Greg Puckett for the Mercer County Commission, and Wilson is a write-in candidate for governor. Wilson says he’s happy to meet with the people of Mercer County. 

“What I’m doing is, I’m interviewing. I’m applying for a job, the job being governor of course and I’m here to meet with my prospective employers – the voters of Mercer County,” Wilson said.

Wilson is independently running against Jim Justice and Ben Salango, he hopes to be a third option for the people of West Virginia. In recent weeks he’s been campaigning across the state and has now made his way down to Southern West Virginia. 

“When I first started this, my wife and I kind of thought that we were the only people that saw things the way we did. And we have discovered that a preponderance of the voters we talk to see things exactly the way we do, which is we don’t have any good options for governor.” 

The two candidates are not backed by either of the two major political parties for this election and plan to have more meet and greets in the near future for any potential voters that want to learn more about them.

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