Independence High School Students Will Make A Difference In The Next Election

COAL CITY, WV (WOAY)- Independence High School was honored earlier today for registering one hundred percent of the eligible senior class to vote in the next upcoming election.

Inspire U.S., which is an organization that helps student leaders in voting activities, reported that Independence High had set a record.

The high school received the Jennings Randolph award for a third year in a row.

“It’s exciting. We have some great young people here and for them to be able to get 100 percent voter registration three years is an astonishing record. I’m so proud of them,” said Rick Shoup, Principal of Independence HighSchool.

The Deputy of Staff from the Secretary of State’s Office, Mike Queen, shared how important the award is, “It encourages other schools to do the same thing and we’re proud and very pleased to do it,” said Queen.

The high school has already begun discussing methods on how to transport students who are registered during the next election to the courthouse so that they can cast their votes.

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