If you love your flight attendant, do not order Diet Coke

(HUFFINGTONPOST.com) – You may think all beverages are equally bad on a plane, but it turns out one type of drink is extra irksome to your cabin crew.

Diet Coke is difficult to pour in the sky because it foams up more than non-diet drinks, according to a recent post on the flight attendant blog These Gold Wings.

We checked with other flight attendants, who confirmed the struggle is real. Among them was Heather Poole, an American Airlines flight attendant who wrote about the phenomenon in a 2012 article for Mental Floss.

[Diet Coke is] the most annoying beverage a flight attendant can pour for a passenger in flight, because in the time it takes us to fill one cup, we could have served an entire row of passengers,” Poole wrote. “I’ve actually had nightmares about frantically trying to finish a never ending Diet Coke beverage service before landing.”

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