Icy Weather Conditions Cause Slick Travel


An ice storm has hit here in West Virginia. The temperatures throughout the day have been cold with continuous rain, thos type of weather conditions can be hard to drive in.
” It’s kind of difficult.”
” Its terrible.” Said Chuck Miller, A Travel

The roads on the highways and by ways are quite icy which makes for a slick travel. in these cases everyone should take there time on the roads and drive cautiously.
” I had to travel from Princeton to Beckley, it was hard to see with the rain the ice and everything.” Said Taylor O’dell, Travel Plaza Employee

Weather conditions like this can be difficult to see in let alone drive in… and the roads and highways are filled with hundreds and thousands of drivers who all want to make it to their destination safely. ”┬áIt’s extremely, extremely bad. I would recommend anyone to slow down that way you can protect yourself as a driver. It’s a lot more better when you increase your following distance┬áin case you have to put on your breaks to avoid an obstacle.” Said Anthony Long, Truck Driver
” Just be very careful go slow and just watch your surroundings.” Said Ms. O’dell

Other things to look out for on the roads are trees that have fallen and power lines that are down.

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