Hundreds Celebrated "Train Day" At Thurmond on Saturday

Yesterday was a day where people who fascinated by the railroad had a chance to hop on board and learn about trains from West Virginia.

Over 700 people from all over the country traveled to Thurmond on Saturday to celebrate “Train Day”.

A few of the free activities they got to be a part of were a Junior Ranger Program – where children were able to get their Junior Ranger badges, story telling, historic walking tours of Thurmond, and live music.

The first “Train Day” at Thurmond started off with just 150 people and has grown more and more each year.

“We want to keep the railroad in Thurmond, it was a railroad town and we want to make sure that the next generations to come understand how important trains are and trains will probably be in the future,” said Claire Rozdilski, the Outdoor Recreation Planner.

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