How To Keep Your Child Safe When Attending Easter Egg Hunts

Fayette County., WV (WOAY) – Easter egg hunts may be a safety hazard to some young children.

Every child looks forward to their Easter basket filled with Easter goodies but some small objects can be swallowed down the wrong pipe, resulting in a child choking and death if not taken care of.

Signs of choking are struggling to breathe, gasping, coughing, gagging, bluish lips or skin.

Physicians Assistant Plateau Medical Christina Darrow tells Newswatch tips to prevent dangerous situations on Easter.

“If they’re handling Easter eggs you want to make sure that they’re not cracked, broken, or left out more than a couple of hours. The eggs shouldn’t be hidden in unsafe places like under ladders and dryer or poison ivy.”

Christina adds not only should you aim to keep your child safe but also your pets. She recommends keeping your dogs away from the candy as it could either choke them or cause them to have an allergic reaction to certain candies such as chocolate.


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