How To Become A Foster Parent And Provide A Safe Home For a Deserving Child

BECKLEY,WV – Every child deserves to be loved and nurtured. Not every receives the care that they need at home and have to be removed from there homes. That’s why the role of a foster parent is of grave importance.

Right now in Logan and Beckley West Virginia there are 190 children that have been removed from their homes and are in need of a foster home. There is a foster car agency that is trying to provide those children with a safe place to call home by training foster parents.

” Necco’s motto is we build families and we build families sometimes through adoption but we also build families by working with that biological home, to try to get the children to go back or even on the front end before the child is removed to keep that child in the home. So we try to build that family that way.” Said Zeke Davis, Necco General Manager

It’s as easy as 1-2-3 according to one man who became a foster parent after raising 4 of his own children.
” I was missing it. I had the empty nest syndrome and so I decided to bring in one or two foster kids into my home and now I have four because the need is always greater then what you have out in society. So we opened our house up to four kids.” Said Ron Dryden, A Foster Parent

Necco offers three months of training classes for people interested in becoming foster parents. That allows anyone who would like to foster a child to learn what it’s like and how to do it right.
” Some say this was a great training every week once they leave out that I learned a lot and those are the things we want to hear. That you learned, that this was helpful to you and of course we can train you all day long everyday but until you take that first child into your home it’s still a new experience.” Said Brittany Pugh,

Becoming a foster parent can be rewarding but it can also have it’s challenges as well but Necco is set up to help the children and the foster parents throughout the whole process.
” Even if we don’t cover something in training that the child is placed in your home has an issue with or that type of thing that we come afterwards and train on something else or what that specific child needs. Said Pugh

” We refer to foster parents as super heroes you know you don’t have to wear a cape and mask to be a super hero to open up your home to a child in need is the greatest gift that you could give a child. Said Davis

Family is so important and being loved and cared about is a basic need and that’s something that every child deserves so if your looking to build a family Necco is here to help.
” It’s one of those things that they always say that its the hardest job that you’ll ever have but you’ll love it and i do love being a foster parent.” Said Dryden

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