The House Votes On Hospital Closing

The West Virginia House of Delegates voted on Friday to close the Jackie Withrow hospital in Beckley. The state owned long-term care facility is owned by the state and could affect several workers and ninety patients. Delegate, Rick Moye stated, “That bill does away about 120 jobs in the Beckley area, and we very much need those jobs. also, the patients that are in that hospital have a very high acuity.”

Some delegates came forward voicing their concerns on why the hospital should remain open. Delegate Mick Bates said, “This issue creates unnecessary anxiety among the residents their families and the employees. because we really don’t know what the answer is, the secretary says he wants to look at it, he wants to come up with an answer, but he’s not even sure he can do that.”

While other delegates say they are in favor of the hospital closing. Delegate, Marty Gearheart stated, “Those hospitals have not been very well taken care of, they are in bad shape, they can’t be repaired for anywhere near the cost of rebuilding them and the best thing we can do is take good care of the patients, get them out into a legitimate private facility and dispose of the asset.”
Although the bill was passed to close the Jackie Withrow hospital, it still has to go through the senate and then to Governor Jim Justice.

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