House says no to 3% raise for teachers next year

CHARLESTON, WV (BY: BRAD MCELHINNY, WV METRONEWS) — Delegates voted down two amendments that would have given teachers and service personnel a larger raise next year.

One, proposed by Delegates Pat McGeehan and Mike Folk, was defeated 50 votes to 50 votes. Their amendment would have provided for an average 3 percent raise next year, followed by 1 percent raises each of the two years after that.

Another amendment, offered by House Minority Leader Tim Miley, would have established a raise structure of 3 percent each of the next three years. That amendment was defeated 42-58.

That leaves the House voting for passage on Tuesday of a raise structure that came out of Finance Committee.

It provides for a 2 percent raise for teachers next year, followed by three more years of 1 percent raises.

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