Hospital In Beckley Might Close..

“It is going to impact our hearts because these people are more than just residents. They are our family that we see daily, care for them, take their beatings and cussing but we still love them to death.”  said Nola Lilly, who is a switchboard operator at the Jackie Withrow Hospital in Beckley. She is one of the many employees that will be affected by the possible closing of the hospital.

 The building that has been there since the 1930’s is now in jeopardy because of finical reasons and this could affect several people. Democrat Delegate Mick Bates of Raleigh County stated, “The state believes that they need to get out of the long term care business and that these facilities are old and need to invest in the capital and what we need to do is look at building a new facilities in the private sector.”

Many of the patients do not have family or close relatives and therefore consider the staff to be their family. Marie Lewis who is a social worker stated, “Jackie Withrow has taken our patients that we couldn’t place anywhere else and have taken very good care of them. I don’t know where these folks would go if that hospital would close.”

As of right now, there is no definite answer if the Jackie Withrow Hospital will close, but the workers say they are going to continue to fight for their jobs and patients.

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