Honoring those who died during Madden NFL 19 tournament shooting

https://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/compete/competitors/taylor-spotmeplzzz-robertson.htmlTaylor RobertsonCredit: EA Sports https://www.easports.com/madden-nfl/compete/competitors/eli-trueboy-clayton.htmlElijah ClayonCredit: EA Sports

JACKSONVILLE, FL (WOAY)- Survivors of the Parkland High School shooting in Florida are helping to give back by raising money for the victims and family’s of the Jacksonville shooting.


Twenty-seven-year old Taylor Robertson from Monroe county and another man were gunned down by a fellow gamer a week ago while 11-others were hurt.


Two top Madden video game players hosted a livestream campaign in order to support the Jacksonville fallen gamers fund.

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