Hometown Hero Award

Blue Ridge Funeral Home presented their second Hometown Hero Award this afternoon to Air Evac Life Team Base 121.  The team made a grand entrance in their helicopter to the award ceremony where they were given a plaque and a flag for their service to the community.  Today was a special ceremony because Blue Ridge Funeral Home surprised Elizabeth Hammond, who is a member of the Evac team, with an award as well.  The General Manager of Blue Ridge Funeral Home addressed why these awards are so important to Dignity Memorial.  “It’s a way for us to give back to our community to let everybody know that we support the community.  Blue Ridge and our Dignity Memorial brand just want to give back to the community” said Chris Besoiu.  If you would like to nominate someone for the Hometown Hero Award you can submit your nomination to their Community Outreach Director at heather.besoiu@dignitymemorial.com

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Jonathan Chance grew up in Birmingham, AL where he experienced many different types of weather. The storm that is remembered more than any other is the 2011 Super Outbreak. The tornadoes passed within 20 miles of his home and affected the lives of many people around him.