Homer Hickam Makes A Visit

Homer Hickam is a great American Author, war Veteran, and a former NASA engineer. He wrote a New York Times Best Seller book called Rocket Boys and was turned into the movie October Sky back in 1999. It’s a fascinating story about West Virginia and coming from West Virginia with a successful career in a field that’s not common in the state.

Homer Hickam made a visit to Beckley this afternoon to talk about the upcoming festival and about his meeting at the state capital. I had a chance to talk to him about a few things… Homer Hickam says, “The reason I am up here now is to go up to Charleston and visit with the governor and some key legislators. With the idea of making sure the theatre of West Virginia remains a line item in the budget.”

Homer Hickam grew up in McDowell County and wanted to do something different with his life. Back in the late 1960s he was in the service. Homer Hickam says, “I am a Vietnam veteran, I was in the 4th infantry division, during 1967 and 1968.”

The movie October Sky was based on his book Rocket Boys. The Rocket Boys festival keeps that story alive and is held every Fall in Beckley. Homer Hickam says, “Well I get to come back to West Virginia at least once a year, primarily for the Rocket Boys festival held in Beckley. In the fall annually. This year it’ll be in September, on the 23rd.” Homer Hickam says he wants the festival to get better each year.

Homer Hickam says, “When better times come we will be prepared to make both the festival and Theatre of West Virginia bigger and better.”

-Frank Notarbartolo

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