Homelessness Street Count in Raleigh County

The annual homelessness street count provides Raleigh County Community Action with a rough estimate of Raleigh County’s homeless population.

“We’ve got teams going out into the community. We’ve got several areas we are going to hit… those areas where we typically see homeless individuals, where homeless clients told us homeless individuals go. We’ll look for those individuals and do an assessment to see if they qualify for our programs,” said Housing Director Tennille Limer.

The data helps Raleigh County Community Action apply for grants that help them combat homelessness, and give the organization a clearer picture of the community’s homelessness issues. Fortunately the homeless population is on the decline in Raleigh County, with last year’s count putting the number at under 100.


Raleigh County Community Action deserves credit for combating local homelessness, but they make it clear they live in a very supportive community that gives them plenty of help.

“I think ultimately, it takes a community. It’s not just about one department. I think, especially in Beckley, we’ve been able to come together and build those relationships to where if we’re needing something specifically for an individual, we’re able to call people and they help us out,” said case manager and supervisor Jessica Massey.

If you’d like to help, the organization is always looking for toiletries, canned goods with pull-off lids, feminine hygiene products, sleeping bags and jackets. If you’d like to donate or volunteer, email them at tennille.liner@rccaa.org .


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