Homecoming Week Ends At WVU Tech Beckley


Homecoming week kicked off this week at WVU Tech in Beckley with many activities for students, alumni and the community to participate in.


“Today we are just celebrating with the community by having a parade, then a picnic following. We have our games this afternoon at the Paul Cline Memorial Sports Complex, and our homecoming court will be announced,” said Jen Wood Cunningham who is the Director of University Relations at WVU Tech.


Saturday’s events began with a parade that allowed the community, faculty, alumni and students to show their support and school spirit.


“The parade was a lot of fun! That was a surprise. We didn’t realize there was a parade, so we actually got down there and watched it for a few minutes,” said Dennis Melanson, who was visiting the campus from Canada.



The homecoming parade featured many community organizations, as well as student organizations, that helped to make Homecoming 2017 a success for the school.



One of the highlights of the homecoming week was a picnic that was open to the public. The first ever Homecoming week at WVU Tech Beckley highlighted school sprit, allowed alumni to reconnect and showcased the school to the community.



“It’s wonderful! We actually had 40 organizations, both from the community and our campus community, participate in the parade today. The parade was probably the longest parade we’ve had in many years, so we’re just very excited to be here in Beckley and have this warm welcome from the community,” said Cunningham.



It was a busy week full of events for students, alumni and the community to come together to show support for WVU Tech Beckley and the Golden Bears. Especially for students, like Robert Simon, whom is excited for next year’s Homecoming week, “It’s going to be a whole lot more! It’s going to be a whole lot more, whole lot flashier, it’s going to be a bigger bear,” said Simon.


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