History Made! Two Women Elected In Mullen’s Municipal Election

MULLENS,WV (WOAY) – History has been made as the Town of Mullen’s elected their first female Mayor and female Commissioner during this years municipal election.

Both women have been in the area for years. Jenny Ann Calhoun Lusk will be town’s new Mayor while Christy Seaton will be the Commissioner.

Lusk and Seaton admit that they believe the main reason for them winning is due to the town wanting a change.

“Going into this, I was like I don’t know will people elect a woman?  She continued, “They have on national an state levels but I didn’t know. People are ready for a change and I’ve lived here my entire life, in three houses,” Luke said.

Seaton said, “The town is ready for change it’s been a male populated thing forever and for the city to put their faith into women as a Mayor an Commissioner it says a lot for our town.”

The ladies will officially take their positions on July 1st. So far they’ve compiled a list of things they’re looking to improve the area on which include more grant funding and starting youth councils.

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