Historical Trade Show In Beckley

If you are a fan of history, then this might interest you as the National Scrip Collectors Association held their semi-annual national meeting on Saturday.

The organization was formed in 1971 and hosts two meetings once a year in West Virginia, and the other in Kentucky. During the meetings, dealers from all over the area bring their collections such as, tokens, scrips and other historical items. The meeting is open to the public and gives them the opportunity to look at the different items.

“It is a fun hobby, and it’s one that anybody can afford to collect although some of the rare ones are expensive. There is a lot of these tokens that can be bought for just a couple of dollars, so it’s fun and it’s historical and it’s part of the heritage of people from this part of the country,” said David Schenkman, a collector.

The meeting took place at Country Inn and Suites in Beckley. They hope to see you there next year!

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