A Historic House Demolished

This empty piece of land is more than just a piece of land to the residents of Gauley Bridge.  The historic Miller Home once stood here, but it is now gone. The home was built in 1831 and was the first home in the town of Gauley Bridge, this home had a lot of history according to Joyce Sizemore who has been a resident of the town for 41 years. “The town of Gauley Bridge had try to save this house many times. But we could not save it, it was just in bad shape.” says Sizemore.

“The house might be gone, but it should not be forgotten. As far as our children and the residents of Gauley Bridge and our new generation growing up, it is sad to say that they can not come and see where the house was at. But, at least they do not have to forget the house if there is a memorial land mark.” said Sizemore. Sizemore mentioned that they are in talks of getting an historical land mark for the home, but it is not definite yet. “There are some things in process right now getting a land mark and so with that being said, if it does happen, my next step would be to take it to the town of Gauley Bridge and do what I have to do from there, to see where we can have it hang on the concrete barrier.” said Sizemore.

The town of Gauley Bridge is hoping they will be able to get this land mark, so future generations will have something meaningful to remember.

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