Heavy Rainfall Causes Flooding In Fayette County

High water signs appeared throughout Fayette county on Monday as the heavy rain took over. Some streets, cars and even homes were flooded due to the high water, leaving some without power.

Gary Ellis of Dothan was on his way to pick up his wife who is a nurse at the Scarbro Clinic. Ellis told us they closed down the clinic due to the rain. He also said, “I have never seen it this bad before, where you can’t get through.” Regina Bragg of Whipple was one of the residents who lost power. She told us, “Probably about 9 o clock we lost power, the power just totally shut off. I just noticed the water completely underneath the house just here about 15 mins ago. Our backyard is totally flooded in almost the two years that we’ve been here.” Regina’s son who is 6 foot 3 even went out in their backyard showing us how high up the water was. Regina also said she believes there is about three feet of water in her basement.

Ellis Hoke of Lewisburg who was in Fayette county working, compared it to the June floods. He told us, “Well I’m down here selling little Debbie cakes and I run as a vendor around this area. I have never actually seen it this bad around here, I remember the flooding in White Sulphur last year. So, I remember something similar but since I’ve been down here, I’ve never seen any flooding like this.”

According to the Fayette County Office of Emergency Management, Olyer Avenue, Minden Road and Scarbro Road have been closed. The only road that has been open back up is Olyer Avenue, but the water is still very high.

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