Health departments support healthcare providers by providing supplies

FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WOAY) – Despite the issues with the pandemic, many health departments are operating without much issue and are even supplying healthcare providers with medical supplies.

The Fayette County Health department for example is partnering with various healthcare providers in the area to provide them with PPE like gloves and masks.

Amanda Skaggs, sanitarian at the Fayette County Health Department, says that in a time of crisis, it’s important for organizations to work together.

“It’s a crisis situation, you have to adapt to the situation and that’s what we’ve been doing here. We’ve been  trying to make sure that our healthcare providers have the personal protective equipment that they need to fight this on the front line,” she said. 

The equipment is mostly coming down from the state government, and the health department makes sure it gets to who needs it the most. 

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