Harvey's Affect On Prices At The Gas Pump

Gas prices are up and it is not because we are approaching the holiday weekend. But, because of the affects of Hurricane Harvey. 

“With the average price for gallon of gas in West Virginia it’s about $2.50 right now as I’m looking at these numbers. They have increased 15 cents a gallon compared to where we were last week,” said Allison Mac, a GasBuddy Petroleum Analyst. However, the mountain state isn’t the only state who is feeling the affects but rather the entire nation. 

“The trouble the people are having down in Texas and Louisiana I don’t really care if they raise it 30 cents or whatever. It doesn’t bother me that much, because they have a harder time than I’ve got,” said Bill Duncan resident of Mount Hope. Beckley resident James Redman added, “Well it kind of sucks because they go up but you know it is what it is.”

One man from out of town who was traveling all day on Thursday, said West Virginia’s gas is the highest. Scott Laur of Florida added, “I left Daytona this morning at 3 o’clock in the morning and this is the most expensive gas I’ve bought all day right here.” 

Gas prices are expected to spike another 5 to 10 cents a gallon in the next week. But when will they be down again? Mac added, “Until the refineries are back up and running at full capacity, that’s when we are going to see prices go down. So when is that going to happen? It is not going to happen tomorrow, I have heard that some refineries are slowly starting to produce gas again. But it is going to take a couple of weeks and I think prices will go up another 10 to 15 cents in the next two weeks before we start to see it go back down.”

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