Halloween- A Year After the Rainelle Floods


Last year, floods and debris left the town of Rainelle forced to cancel festivities associated with Halloween.


“We canceled last year due to the dangerous situations, broken glass, nails and all this stuff and with construction and clean up,” said Andy Pendleton, Mayor of Rainelle.


This year children, families and residents were able to chose between going door to door dressed in their favorite costume or to Town Hall to celebrate Halloween.



Many residents of Rainelle were thrilled to be out this year and attend the 2nd Annual Trunk or Treat event held at Town Hall.


“It’s great to see all the kids out here decorated in their costumes and just having fun.   It’s definitely a stress relief to see them out enjoying themselves this year as opposed to last year when everything was really tense,” said Cari Harper and her father Brian O’Dell.


One family that was affected by the floods came out to take part  in the Halloween festivities.


“I know why they cancelled it last year because it was a little bit dangerous with the debris, but we are super excited to get back out and actually do some door to door trick or treating,” said Natasha Orndeorff, resident of Rainelle.


While last year brought floods and devastation, this year brought smiles, costumes and lots of candy.


“I’m glad everyone’s happy.  I’m excited the weather is good for us.  I’m excited it’s another year gone by that we’ve improved this much. We still have a long way to go, but I don’t want people to forget about Rainelle,” said Mayor Pendleton.



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