Gun Prices Have Declined

After November gun control debates on Capitol Hill have seemed to be on the decline and that has caused gun prices to fall.
Local gun shop owner Eric Stratton said “right now everything is priced well. It’s definitely a buyer’s market.”
Gun manufacturers ramped up their production anticipating a different outcome in our last Presidential Election.
“When the manufacturer’s overproduced, the stores didn’t buy them up. They were selling what they had and they didn’t need to buy them. So what you had was manufacturer’s having to discount them down to a price point where people would start buying them again”, said Stratton.
But only the production of certain guns was ramped up during the elections.
“And what that resulted in was the lowest prices in the AR market in history,” said Eric.
Most guns are selling for around the same price they were in November but the ones that have dropped have started to plateau.
Stratton said, “I think prices are pretty much plateaued out.”
So the price drop has been great for the buyer, but not everyone is feeling the charity.
“That’s definitely helped people buying, but it wasn’t so good for people investing,” said Stratton.
Different political parties will come through the Oval Office but one thing is for certain. There will always be a market for guns, but the market may fall into a comfortable dip every so often.

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