Gubernatorial candidate releases his COVID-19 plan

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Gubernatorial candidate Stephen Smith released his response plan for the coronavirus.

In his plan, Smith stresses the fact that coronavirus is not the flu and that there is no vaccine. Because the virus poses a serious threat to older residents and those with compromised immune systems, Smith says it’s the state’s job to ensure West Virginians have the resources needed in the crisis. He went on to criticize what he calls the governor’s lack of action.

“We have a governor that’s sitting back and doing almost nothing. We should have paid sick days, we should have tests for everyone who wants one, but instead, people are being sent home. We need to know what works, we know what works in other states and counties, and we could make West Virginia a leader.”

You can find out more about Smith’s platform at:

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