Group says new health proposal cuts West Virginia Medicaid

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. (AP) – A nonprofit West Virginia research group says the latest attempt by U.S. Senate Republicans to repeal the Affordable Care Act would cut the state’s Medicaid funding by $2 billion by 2027.

The Center on Budget and Policy says that would undermine coverage for tens of thousands of residents and West Virginia’s increases in coverage under the federal law pushed by President Barack Obama.

According to the center, the Cassidy-Graham bill, named for its sponsors, would convert the Medicaid expansion and marketplace subsidies to smaller block grants ending in 2026.

It would also impose caps on federal reimbursement for others’ care.

About 525,000 West Virginians are enrolled in Medicaid. Almost 175,000 joined under the act’s expansion.

About 35,000 others got coverage through the act’s insurance exchange.

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