Greenbrier County To Receive Three New Monitoring Systems

Greenbrier County., WV (WOAY) – Several new monitoring systems will be provided to the Greenbrier County area for those with disabilities.

The Greenbrier County Sheriffs Department will be receiving three new systems for their Project Lifesaver Program.

An one of those monitors will go directly to the Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center. Visitors in the area will be able to borrow the monitor while on vacation.

The announcement comes after a local woman by the name of Sandy Epling donated the funds needed to purchase the monitors.

Executive Director for Greenbrier County Convention and Visitors Center Kara Dense said,”It’s a monitoring system that gives off radio frequency.” She continues, “It goes on your wrist like a fit-bit and that way its used for people who have dementia or Alzheimer or children maybe with down syndrome.”

Once the monitors are ordered guest will be able to stop by the Greenbrier Valley Visitors Center to request the loaner, free at charge.

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