Greenbrier County Homeland Security Director Sworn In

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – A new director has been chosen for the Greenbrier homeland security, emergency management division and 9-1-1 center… It’s through team work that this division has been able to help in many different crisis.

” We plan for the worst and we hope for the best but we interface and meet with a lot of different organizations.” Said Director Mike Honaker

The director plans to continue to respond quickly and provide the best solution in any and all types of crisis. ” My plans include being a really good learner and a really good listener and just continuing to build on how successful they’ve already been.” Said Honaker. The way that this division is able to respond quickly and provide the best result for any emergency is through a level of priority and need.

“Any incidents that are going on are immediately brought to our attention on our phones so we always know what’s going on, what they’re dealing with so that we first expend all our local resources regional resources and the state resources and if need national.” Said Deputy Director Paula Brown.

“First responders they have to know what’s going on, on the scene if they’re going to be in danger. We need to know if we need to send law enforcement who all we need to send to that call to take care of the problems that are going on.” Said 9-1-1 dispatcher Angie Gwinn.

The Greenbrier county emergency communications division has made some new changes while continuing to always provide the community with the help that is needed. “I cant follow in those foot steps but I can stand on the shoulders of those giants and just continue to try and be successful and make sure we’re always prepared for the worse things that can happen.” Said Honaker.

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