Greenbrier County Courthouse to expand on north end

LEWISBURG, WV (WOAY) – The Greenbrier County Commission is gaining traction on multiple projects as the new year approaches.

One of those projects is a multitude of additions to the county courthouse. The county commission is preparing to touch up outdated areas of the courthouse, as well as add on to the north end.

“What we’re doing is remodeling and updating the original 1834-1837 part of the courthouse,” said Greenbrier County Commission President Lowell Rose. “And the part that was built in the late 60’s to early 70’s that we’re in now.”

Courthouse employees may have to relocate on a temporary basis over the duration of the project, but the long term benefits will make any difficulties worth it.

“It’s going to be beneficial to the employees because of the updates,” Rose said. “The HBAC, the heating and air conditioning. The original part of the courthouse, we just have wind air conditions and units that have been stuck in where the transoms used to be years ago.”

The expanded courthouse will offer more organization, particularly on the north end where county officials will have their new offices.

“In the new part of the courthouse that we’re adding on to the north end, that will be your administrative department,” Rose said. “You’ll have the Assessor, the County Clerk, the County Commission, Planning Commission, different things like that.”

The existing courthouse will house judicial offices when all is completed, in just one area that the commission is looking to improve heading into 2021.

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