Green Bank Motel Destroyed by Fire

RALEIGH CO., WV (WOAY) – Possessions and memories were lost for some of those staying at the Green Bank Motel last night when the roof went up in flames.

“I saw the ambulance  come in and someone knocked on my door and said there is a fire in your building just come out and I came out,” said Dada Patel, owner of the Green Bank Motel.

The fire broke out just before midnight and first responders headed out to Green Bank Motel located on South Eisenhower.

“There was smoke showing from the building.  Responders arrived on scene and found out we had a fire in the attic. It was a common attic space for that unit so the fire was in the roof and again it’s all common, so the fire was from one end to another,” said Mike Cowger, Chief of Beaver Fire Department.

The cause of the fire is still under investigation. For those who live here, many lost everything.

“This tragedy last night, even with all the craziness, the first responders ran in and grabbed my Marine Corp flag and the United States flag,” said Dale Bibbro, resident of the Green Bank Motel who appreciated that these items were saved.

The Beaver Volunteer Fire Department, Bradley Volunteer Fire Department and the Beckley Fire Department all arrived on scene to help fight the fire.

“We had 40-45 firefighters on the scene.  It was a large fire,” said Chief Cowger.

No injuries were reported due to the fire. The fire began in the attic and spread to other units. The Fire Marshall’s office is looking into further details to see what caused the fire in the attic.


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