Graduation Rates In West Virginia

WEST VIRGINIA (WOAY)- West Virginia’s graduation rates are one of the strongest in the country.


According to the West Virginia Department of Education, graduation rates continue to be near 90 percent.


“Ensuring that our students graduate high school prepared for college and careers is a top priority for West Virginia,” said Superintendent of Schools, Dr. Steven Paine. “I am thrilled to see so many students challenging themselves to strive for greatness and earn their diploma,” Dr. Paine stated.


Out of the 116 high schools, 68 reported graduation rates of 90 percent or above. Several schools achieved a graduation rate of 100 percent. Over 17,000 students graduated in the mountain state last year.


Several statewide initiatives contributed to West Virginia’s strong graduation rate, including the state’s Early Warning System that identifies students who are at-risk of dropping out so that an intervention can take place to help these students achieve graduation.

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