Governor wants to limit lawmaker pay during special session

CHARLESTON,WV (NEWS RELEASE) — Governor Jim Justice announced that he is appointing Jack Yeager and Larry Mathis to serve on the Citizens Legislative Compensation Commission. Governor Justice is also asking the commission to meet as soon as possible to limit lawmaker pay to five days for a special session on the budget. Last year’s special session cost taxpayers $600,000, and Governor Justice has made it clear that we need to be more responsible moving forward.

The Legislative Compensation Commission has the power to make salary recommendations. Justice recently proposed legislation to put in place a five-day pay cap for legislators during a special session on the budget.

Larry Mathis is the former president of the  Wyoming County Commission. He was a teacher and a coach for 35 years at Kopperston Grade School, Oceana High School and Westside High School.

Dr. Jack Yeager is a retired Brigadier General of the West Virginia Army National Guard. General Yeager served in the National Guard for 39 years. He’s previously served as the mayor of Dunbar, WV.

“These two gentlemen are outstanding public servants and will make the taxpayers of West Virginia proud,” said Governor Jim Justice. “Larry Mathis and Jack Yeager agree with me that the legislature shouldn’t get paid if they are wasting time on the budget. A special session on the budget costs $35,000 a day, and if the House and Senate can’t get the job done in five days they shouldn’t get paid.”​

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