Governor vetoes WV to become "Right to Work State"

CHARLESTON,WV (NEWS RELEASE FROM THE GOVERNOR’S OFFICE) — Governor Jim Justice vetoed Senate Bill 330, saying this legislation sent over from the House and Senate has to first have it’s day in court. In the first veto of his administration, Justice made it clear in his veto message to legislative leadership that the “Right to Work” measure is currently before the courts and that process shouldn’t be interfered with.

Justice reiterated that the priority for the Legislature must be on the budget.

“Our state doesn’t need to meddle in the pending litigation,” said Governor Jim Justice. “It deserves it’s day in court, free of interference. There are only 11 days left until the end of the session and the Legislature must focus on passing a budget. We owe it to the taxpayers to pass a responsible budget before the clock runs out.”

Governor Justice continued, “This issue is for the Supreme Court to decide.”

Justice stated in his veto message that, “[SB1, from the 2016 Regular Legislative Session] is currently being challenged as unconstitutional in Kanawha County Circuit Court and the injunctive relief issued by that Court has been appealed to the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals… Any amendment to this statute before such time as a Court has finally determined its constitutionality is imprudent and contrary to public policy.”

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