Governor Justice's First Stop – "Save Our State Tour"

“And I’ll build it now. This isn’t something that’s going to take forever more. We’ll build it now, and you know – what we’ll do – we’ll open up our life-line. We’ll open up opportunities.”

That was the main message that Governor Jim Justice wanted to give West Virginians at the first stop on his “Save Our State” tour.

The statewide tour was planned to put an emphasis on how West Virginia is blessed with abundant natural resources, and within 600 miles of two-thirds of the entire United States population, and still manages to not be an economically successful state.

“And trust me, the state of the being is dying, and people don’t like me to say that, but we know we’re 50th. We know we’re 50th in everything coming or going. Do you really know that you’re 50th, and you’re dying? We’re all dying. We’re too good to die, but we’re all dying,” Governor Justice added.

In his visit to the Coalfields Expressway project, Justice discussed his proposal to create thousands of jobs by building roads, and had full support from most of West Virginia’s legislature.

“If we’re going to pick ourselves up and get this state moving again, we’ve all got to pitch in and do it. This man right here has the plan to do that,” Richard Browning, a member of the West Virginia Senate, said.

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