Governor Justice to “Freeze” Increase of Insurance Rates

Charleston.,WV (WOAY)–These last few weeks teachers all over West Virginia rallied together to make it known that they deserve better pay and benefits. Amidst a proposed increase in health insurance rates.

Today Governor Jim Justice held a press conference to address those issues.

Justice announced that there will be a 17-month freeze on the increase of insurance rates until the government can figure out how to proceed with a longer standing solution.

Most recently it was voted by the House for teachers to receive a 2% pay increase within the first year then a 1% increase annually over the next three years..

Justice added today, that he doesn’t believe that’s the most cost efficient, especially with the current economy. He suggested that the Senates  1% increase over the next five years would be a smarter option.

“It gives you surety of five years versus whereas the other is short-term and the flip-side it gives us time to make your lives even better,” Justice said.

Justice also took time to let teachers know he understands what they are going through.

“I know exactly where you’re at I know your underpaid, under appreciated, and you’ve become demotivated in a lot of ways, it’s just natural.”

In order for the freeze to go into effect the Public Employees Insurance Agency board will have to vote and approve the suspension.

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