Governor Justice Speaks On Budget Deal

CHARLESTON – Governor Jim Justice held a press conference on Saturday night at the House floor to discuss the end of the legislative session and give an update on what the status of the West Virginia budget deal is.

“”Now let’s be fair and say we all at this moment, we don’t need to be. We need at this moment to be West Virginians, and be proud of one another. I am very proud of how the Democrats have stood up and took phenomenal courage, but I’m also proud to say, that tonight at least, we’re working together and we may have very well negotiated a deal that is the greatest deal of all time for our great state and our people. So right now, I’m one happy camper,” he said.

The budget deal has passed through the House, and is awaiting to be approved by the Senate.

Gov. Jim Justice said he’s near a deal with the Senate Republican leadership to limit budget cuts to about $50 million while raising the sales tax 1 percent and cutting West Virginia’s income tax.
Justice said the tentative agreement, which has smaller cuts than the Senate and House were advancing, protects higher education and services for the state’s poorest residents.

It would raise the state sales tax from 6 percent to 7 percent, add a corporate revenues tax of 0.00045 percent and in 2018 establish new income tax tiers cutting the current rate 20 percent.

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