Local reaction to new medical marijuana law

BECKLEY, WV (WOAY-TV) — It is something that many people have been waiting for, as Governor Jim justice finally signs senate bill 386, the Medical Cannabis Act. Legislators joined the Governor in his office Wednesday afternoon while he signed the bill. And one woman who has been waiting for this, says she finally feels relieved. Janice Bostic,”You know the head of the house of delegates said there would never be cannabis legislation while he was in that position and a statement like that doesn’t give somebody like me very much hope.”

 Janice Bostic, is the mother of Evelyn Bostic who suffers from severe epilepsy. Bostic says, they have tried several medications for her daughter, but the one thing they haven’t tried is medical marijuana. And she is hoping that this could help.”Being able to help my daughter and say we are also helping our own state and maybe see her get better and be able to enjoy some of that you know.” Bostic told us. 

 WOAY did try contacting voters in the House and Senate who were against this bill being signed, but unfortunately we have not heard back. We did however speak with Delegate Mick Bates who is for this Legislation.”Well I am pleased that governor Justice is actually going to sign the bill, it’s well over due and I didn’t think we actually were going to get a medical cannabis bill through the legislature this year. So, it came somewhat as a surprise late in the session from the senate, we took up the bill and debated it, there was various versions  of it I think the version that he is going to sign is probably the most restricted of the ones he considered.” said Delegate Bates. 

Although the bill has been signed, Medical Marijuana will not be legal in West Virginia for another year and a half. 


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