Governor Justice Handed Over Keys To First Rise Stick-Built Home

GREENBRIER, WV (WOAY) – A ceremony was held today to present keys for a families new home. Governor Jim Justice handed over the keys to Appalachia Service Project’s for their first stick-built home reconstruction funded through the RISE WV program.

Governor Justice tells us how it feels to hand over the keys to this new home.

“Naturally you would say it makes you feel great, that’s for sure but at the same time, you know it makes you feel like, we should have been here earlier but we’re here now and that’s good!”

Since Governor Justice appointed Major General Hoyer to oversee the RISE WV program, there are 43 cases that have been completed and several families affected by the 2016 floods have a new home.

“What the Governor, tasked and asked the National Guard to do was to bring some leadership management processes to the program, and that and team work has allowed us to get the program on a good solid foundation, Put it on track for success and today is an example of part of that success.” Said Major General James Hoyer

It’s been a long time coming for the family and they are happy to have the keys to their new home.

“It’s been stressful but with everything that cause stress, there is always a blessing behind it.” Said Grace Duncan, Homeowner

Currently there are 406 cases that remain and are being evaluated.

“I want all the other people to know we’re not going to stop until every last one of them are helped.” Said Governor Jim Justice

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