Governor Justice announces legislation to eliminate car tax immediately without Amendment 2

Charleston, WV (WOAY) – Governor Jim Justice announces the Car and All Vehicles Tax Elimination and Protection of Local Government Act, which would credit property taxes on certain vehicles back to taxpayers without amending the state’s constitution.

Governor Justice has openly opposed Amendment 2 and has visited several counties statewide to discuss why West Virginians should vote no on November 8.

Amendment 2 would allow cuts to personal property taxes on business equipment, including vehicle taxes. While some see this as an opportunity to support business owners, others see it as a threat to county funding.

“My plan guarantees that our local first responders, counties, cities, and school boards keep their constitutionally guaranteed revenue while at the same time it allows WV taxpayers to share in this historic surplus,” Justice states. “Call your legislator and tell them to vote for this and vote for it now.”

Each year, all West Virginians who own a vehicle would receive a tax credit equal to the amount paid on their vehicles.

Pass-through entities and corporations would also be eligible to receive the credit, and legislation will apply retroactively to January 1, 2022.

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