Gov Justice: Stop the rumors! I’m chunky but I’m healthy

CHARLESTON, WV (NEWS RELEASE) – Gov. Jim Justice issued the following statement today in response to unfounded reports regarding his health.

“Could the false rumors please stop,” Gov. Justice said. “Instead of celebrating and concentrating on the wonderful achievements that have been taking place in our great state, some people are questioning my health. In no way, shape, form or fashion are these rumors true.

“I have recently enjoyed grouse hunting and if people really want to see, come watch me coach tonight at Riverside or Saturday in Fairlea against George Washington.

“I’ve had no recent doctors’ appointments but the last time I did they told me I’m in wonderful health, except for being a little chunky, and that I have incredible stamina. I pray every day for my health, the health of my family and the health of all West Virginians. I encourage everyone else to do the same.”

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