Gov. Justice ready to send help to Texas, Louisiana

CHARLESTON, WV (NEWS RELEASE) – Governor Jim Justice announced Monday that the Mountain State is prepared to send resources including West Virginia National Guard assets and personnel as needed in areas deluged by what has become Tropical Storm Harvey.

“West Virginia stands ready, willing and able to provide first responders to assist our fellow Americans in Texas and in other areas along the Gulf Coast as they continue to deal with the massive flooding and devastating damage being caused by Tropical Storm Harvey,” Governor Justice said. “I encourage all West Virginians to join Cathy and I as we pray for their safety and well-being.”

The West Virginia National Guard has a broad array of disaster response and recovery resources. It remains in contact with its counterparts in other states to ensure it can provide whatever is needed when a request arrives, said Major General James Hoyer.

“A wide variety of requests are possible in the wake of an event of this magnitude,” Hoyer said.

The state Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management, meanwhile, is also coordinating possible resources including swift-water rescue teams, Director Jimmy Gianato said.

“There are no requests yet but we are prepared in the event requests do come,” said Gianato, who is also the governor’s homeland security adviser.

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