Gov. Justice lowers crowd size, cancels fairs, and outdoor concerts as cases rise

OAK HILL, WV (WOAY) – Gov. Jim Justice announced in today’s COVID-19 press briefing that plans of certain activities are being shut down because of a recent spike in cases. Last week, West Virginia ranked second in the Nation for raising cases.

“Now in West Virginia, there are 1,338 active cases. We have grown 206 active cases since I saw you the last time on Friday,” said Gov. Jim Justice.

For proper safety precautions, any activities that include large gatherings will be reduced in size or completely shut down.

“All this will go into effect at 12:01 tonight. As far as additional closing, we got to restrict the crowd size again. We went to 100, we are now going back to 25. As for being affected tomorrow at any fairs or outdoor concerts, we’re not going to have them,” said Gov. Justice.

On July 10th, West Virginia saw its all-time high with 179 daily cases.

“I can tell you without any question whatsoever that I don’t have any power to put someone in jail for not wearing a mask. You know, that would be something that would have to be the legislature. But our health department in regards to our restaurants and our bars do have authority to oversee the standpoint of all the licensing,” said Gov. Justice.

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